Pakistanis optimistic about CPEC: social media

by Fatima Javed
ISLAMABAD, Jan. 14 (Gwadar Pro) – The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has widespread public support as people are optimistic that it will bring benefits to Pakistan.
The economic corridor has become a “household name” in Pakistan, and people frequently discuss about it on different social media platforms. Analyzing the online public sentiments, it shows that CPEC has been hailed as a game changer for Pakistan’s development as it brings a great deal of FDI and assistance in the overall context of the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI).
Raja Waqar Qadri a soldier at Pakistan army considers CPEC as an opportunity for Pakistan to tell the world that “We believe in peace and wealth”. He writes that this is the big move from China since 1947 and it will benefit both countries. “They can lead this project towards peace and better infrastructure within the region of Asia. I hope our generations will see the Pakistan which we haven’t seen in the past.”
Rafi Hassan from Punjab says “Excellent Work, I salute all people working in this project. I Salute Pak Army for bringing peaceful environment for this great aim. Long-live Pak-China Friendship”.
“In about a decade, people of Pakistan will witness ample job opportunities across the country–from north to south and east to west.  An era of expanding economy is unfolding in each and every region of Pakistan. Additional infrastructure and communication links of Baluchistan, KPK and GB will make these units much attractive places for industrial developments. Traders will flock here in greater number,” writes Azhar Hameed.
In general, the Pakistani public believes that CPEC has strategic significances. “The CPEC narrative hinges on the governmental assertions that it would, directly and indirectly, result in higher output, technology transfer and job creation. There is no doubt that the energy added to the national grid by CPEC in a record short time has given a significant boost to the country’s output,” commented Farhan Khan while recommending CPEC in a social media group.
Source: China Economic Net