Photo Exhibition on China’s Foreign Assistance record Pak-China friendship

BEIJING, JAN 26th (Gwadar Pro) – This week, China International Development Cooperation Agency (CIDCA) held Online Photo Exhibition on the 70th Anniversary of China’s Foreign Assistance, which includes a series of stories about Pak-China friendship.
According to the introduction of the exhibition, the year 2020 marks the 70th anniversary of foreign assistance carried out by China.
Over the past 70 years, China, as a developing country, has provided assistance to over 160 countries and international organizations and has won extensive acclaim from the international community, especially from other developing countries, including Pakistan.
In the first sector of the exhibition related to infrastructure construction, Gwadar Port and Karakoram Highway are displayed. The pictures show Gwadar Port completed in Dec 2016, and the Havelian-Mansehra Section in the Karakoram Highway (Phase II), which has been open to traffic since Nov 2019.
In the sustainability sector, the photo of Chinese-funded solar photovoltaic power generation project for Pakistan’s Parliament House completed in Nov 2015 is exhibited. The project, with a total installed capacity of about 1 MW, has made Parliament House has a self-sufficient power supply. Moreover, the photos portraying Pakistani officials and technicians taking part in the International Training Program on Desertification Control Technology in Developing Countries are displayed in the same module.
The sector Emergency Humanitarian Assistance, containing pictures of that China provides humanitarian aid in the darkest events such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, public health emergencies, records profound Pak-China friendship.
In July 2010, Pakistan was hit by an extraordinary flood rarely seen in history. China provided emergency relief supplies and sent a rescue team. The total assistance was valued at USD 250 million. 5 related pictures are collected in the exhibition.
In 2017, FATA was hit by a flood. Under the South-South Cooperation Assistance Fund, China cooperated with UN to launch this project in Nov 2017 to provide humanitarian aid to local victims. A picture in the exhibition shows our people collecting living supplies under the program.
In addition, promoting industry, agriculture, health care, education, public utilities, capacity building, and the warm moments under the context of COVID-19 outbreak, also are exhibited in the collection.
Source: China Economic Net