Silk Road School welcomes Pakistani students to learn more about China

SUZHOU, Jan 29th (Gwadar Pro) – Silk Road School (SRS), launched by Renmin University of China (RUC), announced enrolling students for 2021 this week. Spokesmen of SRS told Gwadar Pro that Pakistani students have been an important part of the school. They welcome more Pakistani students to enter SRS and learn more about China.

SRS, established on April 26, 2018, mainly cultivates master’s students from countries and regions along BRI. Bringing together global political leaders, business elites and outstanding teaching resources, this program, based on a global strategic perspective, combines competitive professional courses, expert seminars, high-level forums, internship opportunities for well-known enterprises as well as various cultural visits to offer students a well-rounded academic experience in China.

According to the Ministry of Education of China, in September 2018, 78 students from nearly 40 BRI countries, including Pakistan, became the first batch of students of SRS. SRS has established programs to educate elites who will be proficient in BRI related affairs, such as BRI economic research program, international business master program, journalism talents master program, business administration undergraduate program, etc.

The most popular program among them, Modern China Studies, released curriculum provision including Chinese Politics, Chinese Economy, Chinese Culture and Chinese Law, which will enable Pakistani students to build a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of China.

In addition, SRS offers different levels of scholarships to encourage students from BRI countries.

Source: China Economic Net