CPC will make greater contribution to the development of human society: APCFA

To appreciate Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) concerning the collision of two trains in Sindh on 7th, All Pakistan China Friendship Association (APCFA) replied a letter to thank China who has always stood by Pakistan in weal and woe.
On June 16th, the collision of two trains in Sindh on 7th which caused 62 deaths aroused concern of CPAFFC. To express condolences to the people of Pakistan, APCFA has sent a letter to APCFA.
According to CPAFFC, in the face of whatever disaster, the people of Pakistan and China have always stood together, hearts linked and hand in hand. Chinese people are ready to offer their full support to help the Pakistani people overcome the disaster. The two countries should further deepen non-governmental cooperation and jointly strengthen the mechanism of emergency prevention and handling.
Muhammad Ikhlaque Usmani, president of APCFA, said in the reply that the train collision was heartbreaking news for APCFA and all Pakistan, “China has always stood by Pakistan in weal and woe, and we are touched with your words of sympathy in this catastrophe.”
Usmani said, the year 2021 is an auspicious one as we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and China. Today both countries can be proud of the dynamism and the character of their relations – close allies and all-weather strategic partners with vibrant bilateral ties.
Also, APCFA extended warmest congratulations to CPC on its centenary celebrations. Usmani said: “We laud the glorious history and the great achievements that China has scored under the leadership of CPC, and it will definitely move toward a brighter future and make a greater contribution to the development of human society.”

APCFA also looks forward to working hand in hand with CPAFFC to deepen understanding with each other and strengthen friendly ties between Pakistan and China for mutual benefit.


Source: China Economic Net