Chinese language a bridge & link between China, Pakistan

 An MoU on exchanges and cooperation between Confucius Institute, University of Punjab(CIPU)and Understanding China Forum (UCF) was signed on Saturday.
According to the MoU, both sides will organize activities to attract a large number of students to understand Chinese culture, value and social systems, arrange student exchanges and other activities to enhance friendship between the younger generations of the two countries.
The two sides agreed to conduct more collaboration, with Chinese as the carrier, Chinese culture as the medium, and win-win cooperation as the theme to tell Chinese stories, spread Chinese voices, show the real China to more ordinary Pakistanis, so as to better serve the construction and development of CPEC and compose a new chapter of Pak-China friendship.
UCF will facilitate meetings with Lahore-based universities, colleges and schools for the director of Confucius Institute to explore the possibilities of introduction of Chinese language classes at these institutions. Zafar Uddin Mahmood, founder of UCF expressed his willingness to assist CIPU in carrying out Chinese education, promote Chinese culture, and make Chinese a bridge and link between China and Pakistan.
Cai Jinbao, Chinese director of Confucius Institute said that the responsibility and obligation of CIPU is to teach the Chinese language to the Pakistani people, spread Chinese culture, and promote cooperation and development between both countries at the level of language understanding and cultural understanding. “I would love to see more Pakistanis tell Chinese stories in Pakistan, more Chinese language lovers have the opportunity to come to China, feel China in Zafar’s eyes, and become the promoter of the friendly relations between both countries.”
Source: China Economic Net