CPEC power houses helped overcome shortage of electricity: Engineer Ahmad Hassan

Power houses established under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)  played a major role in overcoming the shortage of electricity in Pakistan, Engineer Ahmad Hassan, Patron-in-Chief Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FCCI) Standing Committee on CPEC, said on Saturday afternoon.
Addressing the third meeting of FCCI standing committee on CPEC here, he said solar energy was one of the most readily available cheap, environment-friendly sources to overcome the energy crisis in Pakistan on a sustained basis.
“Power houses established under CPEC played a major role in overcoming the shortage of electricity,” he said.
Hassan said the shortage of electricity could be further overcome by capitalizing unlimited sources of solar energy. He said that Pakistan was a lucky country where sunlight remains available daily for at least 14 hours.
Tahir Yaqoob, Chairman FCCI standing committee underlined the importance of CPEC in Pakistan’s economy and said that Pakistan must encourage joint ventures with developed countries in order to switch over from Primary to hi-tech projects
Dr. Khurrum Tariq briefed the participants on the 600KV solar system installed in his factory. Former President FCCI Muzmil Sultan said that Pakistan’s future was directly linked with solar energy and Pakistan must introduce new policies for the commercialization of it. He said that like car financing, Pakistan’s financial institutions must promote and finance solar projects at individual, collective, commercial and industrial levels. Later a presentation on electric vehicles was also given.
Source: China Economic Net