Badminton matches enhance young generation’s ties between Pakistan & China

A series of friendly badminton matches between Punjab University teams and Lahore Overseas Chinese teams were organized by University of Punjab, Confucius Institute, University of Punjab (CIPU) and Lahore Overseas Chinese Association (LOCA) to celebrate 70 years of Pakistan and China diplomatic relations and friendship here on Saturday. Eight teams of more than 30 Chinese and Pakistani players competed in men’s doubles and women’s doubles. The men’s team and the women’s team of the University of Punjab won the matches respectively.

In the spirit of “ friendship first, competition second”, players rushed on the field waving badminton rackets. The audiences applauded for the players’ fighting spirit and cheered for the friendship. What runs through the whole stadium is not only the warm sweat of the players, but also the strong friendship between the two countries, which not only showed the power and charm of sports, but also conveys the long-standing friendship between the two countries through flying badminton in the air.

Presiding the event, Prof. Dr. Niaz Ahmad Akhta, Vice Chancellor, University of Punjab, said in his speech that “as an institution of higher education, the University of Punjab has the responsibility and obligation to teach the next generation the tested and precious Pak-China friendship so that the friendship can be passed on from generation to generation.”

Mr. Du Yue, Director of Political Sector, Chinese Consulate General in Lahore, highlighted on the occasion that the construction of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has achieved fruitful achievements, and people-to-people exchanges between China and Pakistan are getting closer and closer. “The Chinese Consulate General in Lahore has been making efforts to promote the establishment of sister cities, communication of media group, exchanges of scholars visits, etc. between both countries.”

Maintaining that the event is not so much a competition as a grand event of cultural, friendship and emotional exchanges between China and Pakistan, Prof. Cai Jinbao, Chinese Director of CIPU, stated that by hosting this friendly match, the friendship between the younger generation of China and Pakistan can be enhanced, the communication and understanding between the two peoples can be deepened, and the connection between the hearts and minds of the people of China and Pakistan can be promoted.

Luo Jianxue, Executive Vice President, LOCA, praised the players’ excellent performance and underlined that the matches can benefit the body and mind and maintain close interaction, which will greatly promote mutual understanding and deepen cultural, emotional and people-to-people exchanges between China and Pakistan.

In the end, the award ceremony was held, and the guests cut the cake together to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Pakistan.

Source: China Economic Net