Books on Pak-China cooperation out of stock

“Being an author is a great satisfaction when you know that your book is in hot selling, today I received message from Mr Book F-6 that my book titled ‘Understanding China for Future Cooperation’is out of stock and people are asking, it’s blessing of Allah and prayers of parents.” Mr. Shakeel Ramay, Consultant Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) told Gwadar Pro recently.

He has highlighted that cultural diplomacy is a common thread among Confucianism, Taoism, and three phases of reforms in modern China. Eco-civilization, green and clean growth have been linked with ecological Marxism in the book. Part two of this publication is the compilation of Shakeel’s opinion pieces, already published in mainstream media, which he wrote during the last four years.

“To make the best use of opportunities being offered by China, its potential partners would have to do their homework right and be better prepared through enhancing their understanding about China.” Dr Abid Qaiyum Suleri, Executive Director SDPI wrote in the foreword.

Mir SherBaz Khetran, Research Fellow, co-author of one chapter on Pakistan-China cultural and tourism cooperation under CPEC of “Higher than Karakoram: Seven Decades of Pakistan-China Partnership” published this year said that it is available at Saeed Book and Mr Book Islamabad from today and he hopes more Pakistani readers can know more stories about China.

In his chapter, he pointed out that Pakistan and China need to invest in each other’s languages and cultural development and advantages. Pakistan is home to some of the most stunning Himalayan peaks, coasts, magnificent valleys and other natural phenomena. It has the attractive Indus valley, deserts, seacoasts, ancient Buddhist sites and historic forts. All of this should be of immense importance to Chinese tourists. Similarly, China’s urban centers, massive development, and natural beauty offers several attractions to Pakistani tourists. This opportunity must be grasped as both countries embark on multiple collaborative projects through CPEC projects.

Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Nong Rong attended and delivered a speech at the launching ceremony of the book in May. He stated on the occasion that think tanks have the responsibility to enhance mutual understanding between the two peoples, and this book is an important part of this effort.

Source: China Economic Net