Thar yielded more than 2 million tons of coal in last six months

As of July 13th, the annual coal production of Thar II Open-pit Coal Mine Project has reached 2.1 million tons, and the total amount of earthwork stripping has exceeded 11 million cubic meters.

Song Jiayu, a spokesman of Thar project said that: “With Thar II Project we overcome the climate irregularities, complex construction environment, regional instability, and other difficulties. Thanks to the efforts of all the members, we met the required output of coal. The project will further transform Pakistan’s energy layout by ensuring the operation of the nearby power stations and providing a continuous supply of electricity to Sindh province.”

Compared with previous years, the construction difficulty is sharply increasing this year. Many factors, including aging equipment, groundwater and toxic gas leakage, are endangering the life safety of workers. At the same time, the number of flights between China and Pakistan has decreased sharply, which makes construction more difficult.

However, the Thar II project group has ensured the safety of Pakistani employees in the first place, strengthened epidemic prevention and control, and fulfilled the production targets. So far, the project has completed 2.1 million tons of coal production and 11 million square meters of stripping. “We have delivered a satisfactory result in the first half of 2021, thanks to the efforts of both Chinese and Pakistani staff of the Thar II project. We will continue to maintain a high level of momentum for the second half of the year,” Song said.

Source: China Economic Net