Pakistan appoints eight Chinese honorary investment counsellors to attract more investment

Pakistan’s government has appointed eight Chinese honorary investment counsellors in major provinces of China to encourage the Chinese business community to invest in Pakistan, an official ceremony is expected to be held in the Pakistan embassy at the end of this month, official sources told CEN.

The Honorary Investment Consuellors include Ms. Xiaoyu Duan (Alice), CEO of Beijing Huiyu Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd, Juan Peng Philips, Automobile Consultant and Fang Qiuchen, Chairman of China Contractors Association. Dr. Du Zhenli, GM of China International Engineering Consulting Corporation, Dr. Wu Yongqiang, Member and Secretary-General of the Youth Federation of the Central Committee (CPC) of country region sector, Ms. Li Emarn, Zhejiang Eman Supply Chain Management Company, Wang Zihai, Deputy Director-General of Pakistan (China) Economic Cooperation Centre (PECC), Chen Xinsheng, Founder and Chairman of Dongguan Shiliang Technology Co., Ltd.

The honorary counsellors would be responsible for the close connection between the Board of Investment and Chinese investors in getting their inquiries and solve the problems professionally and effectively.

“The nominations have been selected based on their past association with Pakistan especially for promoting trade and investment ties, their useful connection with Chinese businesses and official circles and the genuine desire to promote economic and commercial ties between Pakistan and China. Most of the nominations have also good experience in the field of trade and investment. As trade and investment are mutually reinforced and complementary objective, there is a significant element in having people with good expertise in both areas”, official sources stated.

Board of Investment and other relevant parties organized several video conferences to select eight potential candidates out of 40 shortlisted applicants in all major fields.

The sources told the reason for appointing investment counsellors that the Belt and Road initiative which has been joined by over 130 countries and international organizations, China has emerged as a major investor in many regions of the world, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor(CPEC) as a flagship project of BRI is attracting significant Chinese investment in Pakistan as well, China is also a leader in international trade, it is the largest trading partner of more than 100 countries including Pakistan. China-Pakistan free trade agreement with phase-2 launched last year is opening a new era to expand bilateral trade.

Source: World Trade Times