Pakistan, China to strengthen practical cooperation

Pakistan-China friendship has ripened to the extent that there is no chance to develop even a single crack in the relationship. Given the tenacity of amicability, whenever discussion is held with scholars and diplomats of various countries, I tried to instill the sense that Pak-China ties should never be misinterpreted as an alliance against any country. Even both countries’ relations, after 2015, have transformed into new dynamics of commerce, trade and economy. Indeed, it is proven in international relations scenario that if economic ties are to prosper, healthy relations with other countries are inevitable. This is why, in 2015, when CPEC was inked by then government, a sense was inculcated that CPEC was never rolled out as hostile plan. Instead it is open to all carrying the theme of win-win situation for the entire world. If it is claimed that during 70th years of Pak-China diplomatic relationship, a landmark achievement is CPEC, which will be absolutely true.

Credit goes to then government that signed CPEC agreement bearing in mind that if such economic partnership had not been forged, fragile economic standing could have jeopardized national sovereignty.

On the occasion of Pak-China 70th diplomatic relations and CPC’s 100th founding anniversary, Chinese President Xi Jinping addressed globally through video link. I was among the invitees in such programs where President Xi’s speech had been organized. Besides, under the banner of Institute of International Relations and Media Research (IIRMR), I, as a Chairman of IIRMR, arranged a consultative seminar on the subject of CPC’s 100th founding anniversary and Pak-China Saga. The promising event was keenly participated by Chinese Consul General in Lahore, Chinese diplomats and PU pro vice chancellor Dr Saleem Mazhar, Dr Amjad Magsi, Dr Lubna Zaheer, Khalid Jarar, Adnan Khan Kakar, Luqman Sheikh and IIRMR president Yasir Habib Khan.

Special focus that was underscored was to host only scholars to ensure its sanctity as knowledge-oriented, meaningful and purposeful. Intelligentsia emphasized further deepening relations.

Meanwhile, I underlined the point that Pak-China relations are not based on empty slogans. Actually, China is still as active as it was at the time of initiation of CPEC. China’s galvanization is validated with shifting high gear into Gwadar Phase 2 zone that will accelerate business activities and job opportunities. Gwadar free zone’s foundation stone was laid in 2016. With robust speed, it was completed.

Matter of perturbation is that after three and a half years, Phase 2 is now underway. Continual acceleration may repair the previous slowest development at the time of Phase 1. Similarly, Gwadar Expo Center will take business activities to new heights. Among other development projects, Animal Vaccine Plant will carry tangible significance in the rural life of Balochistan because people here live on livestock. After availability of vaccine, their livelihood on animals and related income graph will get handsome booster. Considering its efficacy and positive impacts on financial health of local people, urban class reservations, if any, will be addressed.

Henan Agriculture Industrial Park is such a project that will not only transform the lives of indigenous people but also bring boom the Agro-based economy in Pakistan. Meanwhile other projects singed included 1.2-million-gallon clean drinking water. So much so for South Balochistan, China will provide solar generator.

Now there is a need of hour that Pakistan should seek inspiration from our friend China that is very active surmounting all challenges.

Source: World Trade Times