Huawei offers expertise to digitalize Energy Sector of Pakistan

In a bid to transform Pakistan’s conventional and decades-old power and energy sectors, and to create more awareness among higher Pakistani authorities about digitalization of power sector, Huawei Pakistan organized a summit to offer its expertise to Pakistan.

Huawei Pakistan’s officials gave well-prepared briefing on digitalization of power and energy sector which the participants of summit much appreciated.

“As the energy industry continues to transform, de-carbonization, digitalization, and intelligence have become defining trends. Given a range of unique market pressures — from the increased use of renewable energy and new power grid forms, to the integration of energy, information, and service flows, and challenges to electricity marketization and operations management — it’s imperative that electric power companies continue to improve competitiveness. And this can only be achieved through digital transformation,” TangShuang, Director Power Sector Huawei said at the summit.

It is worth mentioning that Mr. Shahzad Rasheed, CTO of Huawei Pakistan said Huawei Pakistan was keen to help Pakistan digitalize its power and energy sector and this is why Huawei Pakistan organized the Pakistan Power ICT Summit.

“Huawei Pakistan offers its expertise with the aim to digitalize the power sector in Pakistan with modern practices and solutions that are used globally,” Mr. Shahzad said.

The summit was a strategic platform that explored the use of innovative technologies to promote the digital journey of the power sector, designed with the objective to facilitate innovation, thereby future-proofing power institutions for the post-pandemic era.

“Huawei being the leading solution and infrastructure provider is very interested in supporting the power sector whether it’s electricity production or distribution organizations. The potential to digitalize this sector is endless, and Huawei has the specific solutions just for that purpose,” CTO Huawei Pakistan, Mr. Shahzad Rasheed told the participants.

Today, the power sector is facing rapid digitalization. The digital journey of the power sector has gained momentum and there is a huge demand for meetings and communication facilities available anytime and anywhere. This, in turn, has also led to higher demands for the construction and maintenance of advanced power ICT infrastructure.

With leading power sector professionals in attendance, robust digital transformation best practices from both industry & technology perspective were discussed and demonstrated by Huawei’s full-scenario solutions in the power sector that invited our customers to share their success stories.

It is worth noting that Huawei is one of the world’s leading companies in the electric power industry.

“Huawei is committed to becoming the best transformation partner for the global electric power industry. Laying a digital platform and establishing an ecosystem of industry partners – a strategy coined as ‘platform + ecosystem’ — Huawei integrates innovative Information Communications Technology (ICT) and digital power platforms with the best industry practices to provide three scenario-based solutions: Digital Grid, Digital Operations, and Digital Services. All these three help electric power companies achieve secure, efficient, green, and sustainable development through transformation,” TangShuang, Director Power Sector of Huawei said.

The summit was attended by higher officials from Pakistan’s public and private power and energy sector, including Mr. Tariq Mahmood, CIO NTDC, Mr. Aamer Rashid, Additional DG, Mr. Muhammad Farooq Shaukat DG NTDC, Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed PITC CEO and Mr. Adnan Khadam PITC Company Secretary. From Huawei’s side, Mr. Shahzad Rasheed, CTO Huawei Pakistan and TangShuang, Director Power Sector were in attendance, along with representatives from LESCO, GEPCO, PESCO and TESCO.

Source: China Economic Net