Mango opens up new chapter for China-Pak business coop

Enjoying the taste and aroma of Pakistan’s White Chaunsa Mango, one of the world’s top available varieties, guests including government officers and entrepreneurs tapped the market potential between China and Pakistan on August 11th at a GICC Salon themed Guangzhou Overseas Market Expansion & Pakistani Mango Tasting in Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong, China.

The event is hosted by Guangzhou International Cooperation Center (GICC) and co-organized by Guangzhou Iron Pak Commerce Co., LTD., China, and MERAPC Solutions Pvt., Pakistan.

Li Yuezhou, CEO of MERAPC Solutions Pvt., Pakistan, shared his experience in doing business in Pakistan. According to Li, Pakistan is witnessing a boosting brand awareness and an evolution of consumption mode. In the future, he wishes to enter the local market together with other Chinese enterprises that want to “go out” and eye Pakistan’s potential.

At the same time, Li’s team is also importing Iron Pak’s specialties such as Batie mangoes. His team has shipped 5 batches of mangoes from Pakistan to China this year, and other 6 batches of mangoes will soon arrive in China.

Given Guangzhou’s edges, Li noted some major industries that can be tapped in Pakistan. “Our team is building a ‘Guangzhou Bag Pavilion’ in Pakistan,” he said, adding that the first batch of four containers of bags is expected to arrive in Pakistan in mid-to-late August.

Nearly 40 people attended the event, during which the mangoes were well received by the guests and several agreements of intention were achieved.

Supervised by Foreign Affairs Office of Guangzhou Municipal Government, GICC is a non-profit comprehensive international exchange platform established to further strengthen and deepen exchanges and practical cooperation between Guangzhou and global cities in fields of economy, trade, technology, education, and culture. In the future, GICC will hold a series of activities regularly to promote cooperation between Guangzhou enterprises and countries along the Belt and Road in science and technology, business investment, and cultural exchanges.

Source: China Economic Net